lundi 6 mai 2013

Shad Ali - All For The Love (2013)


01.Intro (Produced By Kobrah)
02.Excalibur's Stone ft. DC (Produced By Baka)
03.Paul Bearer (Produced By Depo Shot)
04.Aristocracy (Premo)
05.Chill (Produced By Sven Diamond)
06.SFY (Produced By PLAN)
07.Super Live (All Day) ft. Beedie & DC
08.Can I Talk To You? (Produced By Roland Jones)
09.I.L.L. (Produced By PLAN)
10.Raul's Insight (Produced Primavera Vills)
11.All For The Love (Produced By Depo Shot)
12.Forbes Avenue (Produced By Ohbliv)
13.Pioneers (Produced By D - Lane)
14.P.T.R.M. (Produced By Wil Madden)
15.Land Of The Cheat, Home Of The Paid ft. LOS of Folkland (J - Dilla)
16.Home Grown
17.Low Battery (By Sven Diamond)
18.Ganghis Khan (Produced By Ohbliv)
19.Smooth Exit (Produced By Sven Diamond)
20.Birfday Song (Produced By 14KT)
21.Pots ft. Ghosty (Produced By Baka)


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