mardi 19 décembre 2017

Reflekt - The Flekty Tape (2017)


01.These Spitters (Beat by Mike Anthony)
02.City Themes ft. Treats (Beat by Keem The Cipher)
03.Came Close (Beat by Blank Tapes)
04.Exposed (Beat by PRGMAT)
05.Wanna Chill (Beat by BLVK)
06.GameSlayer (Beat by Jinsang)
07.Without Me (Beat by Peter Bark)
08.Money Talks (Beat by Ibrahim)
09.Travelling Guy ft. Mouf, Gutz, Minas & Greeley (Beat by AO)
10.Paranoid Ponderings (Beat by Peter Bark)
11.Lacerations (Beat by PRGMAT)
12.Rock & Water (Beat by Keem The Cipher)
13.Caught Between (Beat by Ebbe Funk)
14.Bards Life (Beat by Keem The Cipher)
15.Rebel With The Tongue (Beat by Emapea)
16.CD Player ft. Dispraze (Beat by Beatowski)
17.THC Bars (Beat by BluntOne & Mujo)
18.Full Circle ft. Abstract Rude (Beat by SkurgeOne - Guitar by Joel Imber)
19.Better Me ft. Menz (Beat by Nikk Blvkk)
20.The Shire (Beat by Klim)


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