samedi 31 janvier 2009

RDS presents-Open Mic

01. The Recipe ft. Heywoodjablome??
02. Forever Strut ft. Gumshoe Strut
03. The Divide ft. Kay the Aquanaut
04. Good Combination ft. DL Incognito & Moka Only
05. Throw Hands ft. Cashmere the Pro
06. Whatchasee
07. Lookin' Up ft. Def 3
08. Call Me Crazy ft. Eekwol & Saratonin
09. Move On (Remix) ft. Muneshine & Raks One
10. The Truth ft. Virtue
11. Ain't Stoppin' ft. Suspect
12. Peace

va-compilation-(special myspace) vol.3

1.A Bridge Too Far Recordings
2.Avi - Tha Cov
3. dj ian head
6. juicy the emissary
7. Julos BeatMaker
8. Liquid Bounce
9. Obsidian Blue
10. Raydar Ellis
11. RmxSanMiles
12. The Beast
13. The Hip Bop Experiment grass
15.moar & raashan ahmad

vendredi 30 janvier 2009

Dollabin-ColdChillin (ep)

2.Coldchillin instrumenta
4.Dreamz instrumental
6.Return of Wolf Kanti

Reeplay Come- With Me (2009)

1.Intro ft. Q-Sak
2.Powdered Motion ft. Mc PresTo & Blacc Plague (W.O.P)
3.Boom To Tha Bap ft. Green-T (ASM)
4.What Is Luv ft. Tha Connection
5.I Do (aka Beat 01)
6.Believe ft. Skitz Tha Gemini
7.Envious ft. WAR
8.Please Tell Me ft. SL (Repeat Offenders)
9.Predicament ft. Shinobi Stalin
10.Words From The Mental
11.Put It On The Line ft. G-Christ & M.O.S (Crew 45)
12.Million Mics March ft. Skitz The Gemini, Shinobi & Raq Holiday
13.The Rain ft. Melodiq
14.Sex Skit ft. DJ KING
15.2nite ft. Nelace & A7
16.Keep On ft. Accent & Oliver Perfect
17.Son Of The Sun ft. Nelace
18.Bonus: Our Time ft. Skitz The Gemini, EMS & Shinobi

Dread Smoke-remix soul hip hop jazz (2009)

jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Jabee-Blood Is The New Black(2008)

1. Hemoglobin
2.Quintanilla 1995
3.Thin Line Ft Jumakae
4.The How Ft Emcee Hype
5.Over The Under Ft LMNO Of Visionaries
6. Funky She
7. Boombox
8.Classix Servings (Interlude)
9.Flea Market Girl
11. Zoe Isabella Ft Emcee Hype
12.Pain Ft Othello Of Lightheaded
14. Domino Domino
15.Somanypieces Ft Breez Evahflowin
16.Picture On The Waoll
17.Nothin Ft OB-One
18. Platinum Hooks

Rebels To The Grain-Theres Something In The Seeds (2008)

01 We Takin’ This 5:03
02 Classic Sensation 4:20
03 Its A Setup 4:56
04 Breakbeats & Rhymes feat. Dellue 3:17
05 If Only She Knew 4:06
06 Vinyl (Let The Record Spin) 4:07
07 In Amsterdam 3:53
08 Volume 3:00
09 Jackie Thompson 4:05
10 If I Could Save The World feat. Aleah Veronica 4:18
11 Let’s Take It Back 3:09
12 Freedom Taken feat. Sonny Black, Kemic, Xaris, Sigh The 4:08
13 This Goin’ Out 6:53

mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Blu - Drop The E

Jo Well & Dj DviousMindZ- Nickel and Diming EP

1. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Nickel & Diming (Intro)
2. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Pot of Gold
3. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Pusha Baby
4. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Just Crusin’ ft. Phenomenon
5. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Love Thang
6. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Spitten 211’s ft. Phenomenon & Konscious K
7. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Heat Wave ft. MARKFADER & Cee Nario
8. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Maybe Just Maybe
9. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Dust in the Wind
10. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Treasure Chest ft. MARKFADER & Cee Nario
11. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- She Got NoWhere To Go
12. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Leftovers (Little Bit of Change)
13. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ- Outro
14. Bonus- The Antidotes- Got Rhymes (Street LAb Mixtape Remix)
15. Bonus- Jo Well- Buck Wylin
16. Bonus- Jo Well- Sleepin’ Like a Dog (J Dilla Beat)

Dope Mixtape: Cadillac Edition (Mixtape)

va-compilation moonjazz (hors serie) ep

1.calm jazzy-get my mind right
2.paradigm-readjust jce
4.treologic-clap clap
5.symmetry-she asked
6.daz ini-le magicien (remix)
7.the ncissistes-arsuburbian heros
8.the ncissistes-the city never sleeps (ft..greta)
9.symmetry-the time

Cradle Orchestra - Velvet Ballads (2009)

01. Talk it Out feat. Nieve & Jean Curley
02. All I Want In This World feat. CL Smooth
03. Mountain Top feat. Aloe Blacc
04. Live Forever feat. Black Thought (of The Roots)
05. Bubbles feat. Jean Curley
06. So Fresh feat. Talib Kweli
07. Nothin For Nothin feat. CL
08. Only One feat. Need Not Worry
09. Jag Jam Jazz
10. The World Outside In feat. Othello
11. Cheers feat. Asheru
12. Food For Thoughts feat. O.C.
13. Yin Stacks feat. Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples)
14. Velvet Ballads

mardi 27 janvier 2009

spitten king s-The Gold Room ep

01 Gold Room
02 Compete With The Beat
03 S CAR GO!
04 Piano Maze featuring Kay & EQuali
05 I'm On Fire featuring EQuality

Cyrano aka Cy Yung “Still Lovin’ It” (A Mixtape Ode To McDonalds)

1 Real HipHop (produced by Cynergy Soundz for BPA)
2 Move (produced by EMANON for Pyramid Productionz)
3 A Hot 16 (produced by JSLIKK for BPA)
4 Get Laid (produced by Cynergy Soundz for BPA)
5 Proud Of Me (produced by Centric for Free At Last Music)
6 AllNiterz (produced by Khaos Kay for Perfect Blendz)
7 I Want U Rmx
8 Reveille (diss)
9 The Color Of Money Rmx (produced by EMANON for Pyramidz Productionz)
10 Show Me What U Got freestyle
11 Promise Rmx
12 The Market (produced by EMANON for Pyramid Productionz)
13 Fallin'!!! (diss)
14 Thick As Thievez (produced by Cynergy Soundz for BPA)
15 Gettin' Ole (produced by EMANON for Pyramid Productionz)
16 Temptation (Go freestyle)
17 Eviction Notice (produced by Sensix)
18 Soul Food Mama (produced by J-Rell for Perfect Blendz)
19 Herpes (Selfish freestyle)
20 Real Talk (produced by JSLIKK for BPA)

Crew54 - Middle Road (2009)

Put it on the line
adliberation skit
the takover ft alpha 2020
got what it takes ft nick jones
how to be an mc ft brokebread
my day
talk down ft mr hen
the flow ft wordlife molek ular
wonderful ft derelict
payback ft dwe click
the best ft dubb sicks foog gatsby
f ck them niggas in the club skit
special vibe
middle road
love story
wishing ft tmill
we made it ft cali zack
bonus track

genre: hip hop/soul/jazz

Doods-Stay Focus (2009)

01 Doods - Intro
02 Doods Ft Marie M - La Bonne Attitude 2
03 Doods Ft Enz - Même Si
04 Boogie Rock - Interlude
05 Doods Ft Mil - Pas L'choix
06 Doods Ft Zen - Partir
07 Doods - Pause
08 Doods Ft Enz - Nostalgie
09 Doods Ft Tedji - Mon Son
10 Doods Ft Radam & Tedji - Sentimentalement Vôtre
11 Doods Ft Tedji - For Real
12 Doods Ft Tedji - Pas L'temps
13 Doods Ft Belush - Tout Est Différent
14 Doods Ft Coraly - Air Frais

(hip hop jazz francais)

Roddy Rod - The Bluntpark Sessions (2008)

01 Intro (feat. Grap Luva)
02 Rude Squire (feat. Muhsinah & Hanis Hum)
03 Whip (feat. Kaimbar)
04 Take In Stride (prod. by J. Laine)
05 Goins On (interlude - feat. Choppy Choppe)
06 Neva Find Me (feat. Y.U. & Finale)
07 Geeda Speaks (interlude)
08 Mouth Water (feat. Cy Young & Cronkite)
09 Get Down (feat. Kaimbar, Kev Brown & IQ)
10 Money On The Clock (feat. Oddisee)
11 Rated R (interlude)
12 Original Sound Buoy (feat. Cy Young)
13 Troubles Lurkin Low (feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young)
14 Living Conditions (feat. Eric Krasno)
15 Geeda Speaks II (interlude)
16 1 Min to ReP [(plainfield) feat. Ekoz The Bounty]
17 Lil’ Louder (feat. Asheru)
18 Actions Show [(Ya Talkin) feat. Y.U.]
19 Exit Thee Park! (feat. Grap Luva)

The Musium - Jazz Hiphop Symphony

01 Introduction..김디지(Deegie)
02 오후..킵루츠(Keeproots)
03 사랑보다 낯선
04 음악이 죽어가
05 레이..Artisan Beats
06 연애불변의 법칙
07 Intermission - 비와 액자..페니(Pe2ny)
08 Rainy Heart (Hosted By Issac Of ShowHo....프라이머리(Primary)
09 Who's The Really Insane One? (Hosted ....김디지(Deegie)
10 U And I Pt.2 (Hosted By Dead'P )..프라이머리(Primary)
11 Put A Condom In Your Pocket (Hosted By ....뉴올리언스(Nuoliu..
12 No Bullets But Ballots (Hosted By UMC )..김디지(Deegie)
13 2 Blue 2 Good Bye..김디지(Deegie)
14 사랑보다 낯선 (inst.)..킵루츠(Keeproots)

Really nice jazzy hip hop out of Korea

samedi 24 janvier 2009

moonshine- you know for kids (2009)

genre: hip hop jazz funk

02-Catch You
03-What Happened
04-These Days
05-Shipwreck Interlude
06-Evolutionary Music Snippet
07-Straight Poetry
08-3rd Kind Interlude
09-Not Fertha Masses
10Anthem Ferthat
12-Creep Show
13-Struggle to Suffer
15-Build Up Babylon
16-On Top
17-Drunken Brother, Mike-C Message
18-The Day After Tomorrow
19-Deja Vu
20-Drunken Bonus Verse

Gr& Scientist- Guy in The Couch [EP] 2009

01 Fly Snucka
02 44
03 The Story
04 Raw Ft Vintage Black
05 Rip that s
06 What I am
07 Past Friends

fineprint-fineprint (japan edition) 2007

1 Repeat This
2 What The
3 Wicked
4 Puerto Rico
5 Peace By Piece
6 Tied Up
7 Ashby
8 For Reel
9 Raw Deal
10 Untitled
11 Ashby (Frequent Flyers Remix)
12 Puerto Rico (Agari Crew Remix)

compilation-moonjazz vol.5

1.Grems Feat Insight- Relax
2.u-n-i and ro blvd-mylife
3.zumbi- On Everything ( Feat. The Are )
4.forgotten lores- God Bless
5.abadawn- Live Forever
7.2 minds 1 block-the setup
8.mobster-The journey (featuring Rael de Ghostown)
9.abadawn-Inside Out
10.feel the street- rmx
11.lost brothers- 3 Minutes
12.feel the street-rmx 2
13.Armadillo Slim and Milla-Soul Station
14.balanced-Take Note
15.the familiar strangers-him (prod. by filiblunt)
16.TWIN - Maybe I'm Him

Dragon Fli Empire - Redefine (jp) 2008

01. Keep the Funk Alive
02. Redefine
03. The Ride ft. Raashan Ahmad
04. Outside Inn ft. Cadence Weapon & Lynn Olagundoye
05. Paradise ft. Moka Only
06. CGY
07. Civic Pride
08. Two-Man Team
09. Xoxo
10. Spanish Story
11. Watch Ya’ Front ft. Josh Martinez
12. Hi-Fli
13. Rise ft. Masta Ace
14. Stay the Course
15. To the Sky ft. Velben & Ohmega Watts
16. Peace

kev choice-The Bailout (2009)

01 Intro
02 The Bailout Featuring Greggo On Guitar
03 Illustrious Featuring Saafir & Silk-E
04 Rock On Featuring David Goodlett On Guitar
05 Awake Dream
06 Money Don't Matter Featuring MacArthur
07 Red & Blue Lights (Flashing) Featuring MacArthur
08 Back Home Featuring Zumbi Of Zion I
09 Hello World
10 Universal Rhyme Control Planet Rock
11 Untouchable
12 Time Is Now
13 This Your Song Featuring Aristotle & Vernon Hall On Bass
14 If You Don't Know Featuring D Sharp & Tony Vic
15 Hustle's, Tricks, And Game Featuring Aristotle
16 I, Baby Featuring MacArthur
17 Bay Diamonds
18 Shining Light
19 How Long Produced By Aagee
20 Can't Look Back Featuring Brian Collier-Drums, B'Nai Rebelfront-Guitar, Dewey Tucker-Bass
21 Change Gon' Come-Obama's Song

The Antidotes- Street Lab Mixtape

1. The Antidotes- Street Lab Mixtape Intro
2. The Antidotes- A Breath of Fresh Air (Street Lab Tape Remix)
3. The Antidotes- Love Supreme (Remix)
4. The Antidotes- Paper Planes (Remix)
5. Jo Well and DJ DviousMindz- Maybe, Just Maybe
6. The Antidotes- Got Rhymes (Street Lab Mixtape Remix)
7. Jo Well- Sleeping Like a Dog
8. The Antidotes- Fresh Tonight
9. T.I.- Swagger Like Us (Markfader Remix)
10. The Antidotes- Band Whip (Remix)
11. The Antidotes- Girl Chaser (Remix)
12. The Antidotes- So Fly (Remix)
13. Mark Fader- Superstar Radio Intro
14. Blu and Jo Well- Pearly Gates Mash Up
15. The Antidotes- Yesterday (Cee Nario Remix)
16. The Antidotes- Sweet Harmony Revisited
17. The Antidotes- One of a Kind
18. Jo Well & DJ DviousMindz- Treasure Chest ft. Mark Fader and Cee Nairo
19. The Antidotes- No Greater Fuck (Remix)
20. The Antidotes- What Them Girls Like (Remix)
21. The Antidotes- Come on Baby (Remix)
22. DJ Ko- Best to Do it ft. Royce 59, Supastition and Elzhi (Mark Fader Remix)

vendredi 23 janvier 2009

Alexipharmic - The Good Side of Bad Vol 2

01 Dusk
02 PNW
03 Circus
04 Subprime
05 Varsity
06 Downfall
07 Sundays
08 Freedom
09 Ubuntu

ALEXIPHARMIC -Good Side of Bad: Vol. 1

01 Good 1
02 Push
03 Back
04 Work
05 Time
06 Love
07 Rainbows
08 Alphabet
09 Rainclouds
10 Fly

Smif N Wessun ft. Audible Mainframe - Da Shinin Remixes (2008)

01 - Bucktown Remix (Ft. Audible Mainframe)
02 - Hellucination Remix (Ft. Audible Mainframe)
03 - Stand Strong Remix (Ft. Audible Mainframe)
04 - Wipe Ya Mouf Remix (Ft. Audible Mainframe)
05 - KIM Remix (Ft. Audible Mainframe)

Panacea - The Re Route (2009)

01 The Scenic Route (Doug Life Remix)
02 Flashback to Stardom (DJ Spinna Remix)
03 Pops Said (Nicolay Remix)
04 Epiphany (DJ Nu Mark Remix)
05 Between Earth And Sky (Joe Beats Remix)
06 Bubble (Stoerok Remix)
07 Square 1 (Cool Calm Pete Remix)
08 Blue Ice (Mekalek Remix)
09 Walk In The Park (Damu Remix)
10 Aim High (Newman Remix)
11 Katana (Aeon Remix)
12 One Shine (K Murdock Arturian Remix)
13 The Missing (Panacea Remix)

jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Granite State - The RE:Public (2009)

02.The Get Up
03.Here We Go Again
04.One Shot ft.Evidence
05.Under The Influence
07.Just Think ft.Reks
08.Societies Ill
09.American Beauty
10.Good God (Higher)
11.What I’m Used To ft.Esoteric
12.Up To Speed
13.I’m Gone
14.Silver Line

Keelay & Zaire - Prelude to Drive

1. Letcha Soul Vibe
2. Exclusive Shit ft. Supastition
3. Saturday ft. Torae & Tiffany Paige
4. Never Again ft. T.Sky & Khizman
5. Ridin High Interlude
6. More Than Corners ft. khill
7. Government Names ft. Khizman
8. Tryna Jock My Steelo ft. Night Clubber Lang
9. Old E. ft. Surreal, Fortlive, Da Evangillest, the A.V.E. and Mario Dones

Katrah-Quey - Hearing The Earthtones After 2009

1. Crown City Rockers - B-Boy (Remix)
2.Crown City Rockers - No Sense (Remix)
3.Crown City Rockers - Simple (Remix)
4.Crown City Rockers - Something (Remix)
5.Crown City Rockers - Without Love featuring Zion (Remix)
6.J-Live - Aww Yeah (Remix)
7.J-Live - Audio Visual (Remix)
8.J-Live - Weather The Storm (Remix)
9.J-Live - Coming Home featuring Dwele (Remix)
10. J-Live - Listening featuring Kola Rock (Remix)

Horton The Irrelevant + August The Creep - Strange Passengers

1.Strange Passengers (Intro)
2.Once Sold Truths
3.The Why
4.What I Know (Intro)
5.What I Know
7.Dames (Interlude)
8.Save The Brunettes
9.June, July And
11.Crabby (Interlude)
13.Drop The Needle, Push Play, Say Yeah
14.Dude Wit Blue Ox
15.Peace…New Orleans (Interlude)
16.Sleeping With Strangers
17. Strung Out
18.The Author
19.June, July And Isabel Garcia

Krohme - The Onset Of Change EP (2009)

1. A Message from the President
2. Yes featuring Junclassic
3. Sound Off (Riot)
4. Live the Dream ft.L.I.F.E. Long & Respect Tha God
5. We Want Power to the People ft.Atari Blitzkrieg
6. Who’s Gon Save Us ft.Cadence & Little Indian
7. One Twenty ft.Breez Evahflowin
8. Come Together Now ft. Speech (Onset Remix)/Lift Every Voice

mercredi 21 janvier 2009

va-compilation (myspace) hip hop jazz francais

1..Drag.One - Eternel Reflexe
3. Beat Consortium ft. enz (remix)
4. BonKar
5.Dézuets dPlinGrés
7. Ed (kafri)
11. Marco Polo
13. Real Impakt
14. Sine Qua Non
17. tasco
18. Ted l rsquo;Afro
19. Trip In
20. Wax

mardi 20 janvier 2009

Vortexas - Vortexas

1 Welcome
2 The Vortexas Temple
3 G.W.B!+$h
4 Rochar di RCA
5 50 Horns
6 MattP's PunchOut
7 Alexandria's Shore
8 Munster
9 The Great Pilgrimage
10 Juicy the Emissary
11 Geography
12 ChrisH
13 The Anthem
14 Take Off the Yoke

The ThunderCats- The Eye of Thundera (2008)

01 Exodus
02 Walking On By
03 Freedom feat. Vald Wegan
04 Vibe With Us
05 The Eye of Thundera
06 Tigra Smokin_ Pt.1
07 Slick Kittens
08 Sample Check (Instru)
09 Thunda Numba
10 Thunda Thug
11 Tigra Smokin_ Pt.2
12 Slow Dance
13 Tigra Bust feat. Tigra
14 Battle Cat
15 Good Day
16 Tigra Smokin_ Pt.3
17 Life Intro
18 The Life
19 A Breath of Fresh Air
20 Curse of the Yogi
21 Colorful
22 Lazy Tone (Instru)
23 The Hurt Remains
24 Thank You

coxbutter & low key present ThunderCats
starring: fonetik simbol & s.cro as panthro and lion-o

STMiC "Brace For The Honesty" (The Mini EP)

1. Silent Hills (Produced By The Unknown)
2. Fly Remix (Produced By Mr Simmonds)
3. Make Te Call (Produced By MUDD)
4. The Making Of Haste feat. BlissOne (Produced By The Unknown)

Troublemakers: Remixes, Releases, Robots! (2008)

1. Trouble 2.0 (Intro)
2. Trouble Anthem (Dirt E. Remix)
3. Don’t Be Afraid (Dirt E. Remix)
4. Careful (DJ Static Remix)
5. 4 Wind (feat. Sho, Kenny Majozi, & Phase 1)
6. No Room 4 Growth (feat. L.I.F.E. Long) (Dirt E. Remix)
7. Killhumanati (Khrome Remix)
8. Repo Men (Twang 1 Remix)
9. Manuverin Sound (feat. L.I.F.E. Long, & Mr. Metaphor) (Dirt E. Remix)
10. Chains (feat. Phenetiks) (Deto 22 Remix)
11. Rediculous Choices - Emskee (feat. Troublemakers) (Dirt E. Remix)
12. TM40 - Change (Troublemakers 4 Obama)

va-compilation (special myspace) vol.2

2. Alexipharmic
3.Beat Consortium (remix)
5. Dirty Treats
6. Dj Ragz
7. dj.quiet
8. flabberguest
9. GESWho
12. Green Street
15.Jazz Addixx (remix)
17. kinetik
18.LoquaciousONE (L.O.N.E.)
19. Martin de Marneffe
21. Need Not Worry
22.Othello Jay
24. Parable Paul
25.- Pudge - DENTON
26. RAHM Nation
27. Ray Skilla
28.SPcifyk [Elementalz]
29. The Argyle Pimps

(genre hip hop jazz)

Kooley High - The Summer Sessions EP (2008)

01. Too Late
02. Kool With It
03. There You Go
04. I Wanna
05. Summertime Interlude
06. We Be That feat. Halo
07. Water feat. Lazurus & Edgar Allen Floe
08. Back Home
09. Rainy Days

dimanche 18 janvier 2009

p.i.c-Got Me Like

The Packxsz-The Driven EP-2008

1. as yet untitled
2. driven
3. freeze
4.sweet dreams
5.That Feeling

Anticorps - Calligraphie feat Melo (2008)

01 Intro calligraphie
02 Calligraphie feat Melo
03 Initiés
04 Pieds sur terre
05 Plafond de verre (Solo Melo)
06 Le fond & la forme
07 Esprit Polygame feat Melo
08 L'armée des clones

R-etyk aka Skobar-essais et theories (2009)

01-Intro (prod.Be2s)
02-Good Vibe (prod. Will Makers)
03-Sarcasmes (prod.Be2s)
04-Ma Vision (prod. Be2s)
05-Interlude Feat. Be2s
06-J'Kicke ça Fat (prod. Be2s)
07-De Paris à Malaga Feat. Keyo
08-BONUS Good Vibe (90's Remix-prod. Will Makers)

prod :be2s (hip hop jazz francais)

Souffle-season begins ep (2009)

6 LOVE FOR Instru

Fantastic JJ project - Fantastic Planet (2009)

01 This yall
02 Way out
03 Miles ahead of ya
04 What you in here 4
05 Deep blaque
06 On the doelo
07 Earth without a soul
08 Change ya face
09 Space cowboys