dimanche 31 mai 2009

ELoKweNT Da BeAtSMiTH- n.d (ep)

01- Everclear (2:32)
02- Hot Radio feat. A1 (2:19)
03- Five Bux feat. Lost Art (4:00)
04-Erase The Tears feat. B.Y.G. (2:51)
05-ELoKweNT Da BeAtSMiTH - Kev Brown remix


Big Tone - The Drought (2005)

01. Intro
02. Watch Me
03. Come My Way
04. Get Up Get Down (feat. 87 & Quelle)
05. Black Girl (feat. Deion Lucas)
06. Good Ole Days
07. It's So Hard (feat. Patrice Williams)
08. Real Life (feat. Lanice McKay)
09. Turn My World (feat. Woodz)
10. One Hour Session
11. Rap Stars (feat. Phal and Beej)
12. WWYI Radio (Skit)
13. What's Up (Intimacy) (feat. Dwele)
14. Peace
15. Respect
16. Outro


samedi 30 mai 2009

the longfellow project - best mix (2009)

genre: hip hop /jazz

01. Lost and Found
02.Keep Your Eyes Open
03.Saturday Early Morning
04. Black Smoke
05.The Shark and The Donkey
06.After School Special
07.Take Me
08.Final Fantasy
09.Get Live
10.Love Rocking Mics
11.The Last Days


vendredi 29 mai 2009

Illy - Long Story Short- (2009)

1.generation y (produced by m-phazes)
2.black cap rap feat. pegz (produced by m-phazes)
3.full tank (produced by j-skub)
4.my way (produced by jsquared)
5.rock star shit (produced by m-phazes)
6.pictures (produced by j-skub)
7.this or that (produced by j-skub)
8.-our country (produced by j-skub)
9.red light green light feat. spit syndicate solo and cisco tavares (produced by m-phazes)
10.brother (produced by m-phazes)
11.for you feat. phrase and nfa (produced by m-phazes)
12.dumb it down (produced by ta-ku)
13.long story short feat. cisco tavares (produced by jsquared)
14.all around the world feat. kulaia (produced by m-phazes)


Unagi-Reinventing The Eel (2009)

01 Liftoff
02 Grown Man Flowin (Ft. Motion Man)
03 The Making (Ft. Infinito 2017)
04 Four State View
05 Can I Have Your Number (Ft. Uppanotch)
06 Bird Of Paradise
(Ft. Chee Malabar Of Himalayan Project)
07 That Glow
08 Come Get It (Ft. Gigio)
09 Mondays (Ft. Substitute Teachers)
10 Herb Man Theme
11 Do Ya Feel It (Ft. Linkletterz)
12 Previous Me (Ft. Orukusaki)
13 Top Cat
14 U Stole My Heart
15 Song Of Satisfaction (Ft. Eddie Meeks)


Raashan Ahmad - Soul Power (2009)

1. Mobstar Life-Produced by Woodstock
2. Move-feat. Aceyalone produced by Kas One
3. Stay-Produced by Raashan Ahmad
4. Soul Train-feat. Wafeek/Ragen Fykes Produced by Ebo
5. Breath-feat. Aima Produced by Kas One
6. Lambada-Produced by Headnodic/Kat O1O/Raashan Ahmad
7. Day after Day-Produced by Stefonix
8. Celebrate-Produced by Headnodic
9. Fairy Tale-feat. Ragen Fykes Produced by Headnodic
10. Money-feat. Alex Newman Produced by Kas One
11. Cornbread-Produced by D.J. Enki
12. Patience-Produced by Stefonix cuts by D.J. Vajra
13. Oakland-Produced by Kat O1O


jeudi 28 mai 2009

Knot Impressed & Sam Judah - 7 Days In The Same clothes

01. You to
02. Contination to bloom
03. Plugged in
04. Cereal killa
05. Take your position
06. Gave a look around
07. Seven days in the same clothes
08. Another bloo
09. Approaching to pray
10. Trouble isn't
11. Paper doll
12. Half this half that
13. Plesiosaur
14. T-FLOW

01.Half this half that ( NUDEJAZZ REMIX )
02.Plesiosaur ( Shin-Ski of Martiangang REMIX )
03.Trouble isn't ( DJ T-FLOW REMIX )
04.Another bloo ( Huge B aka Shu from Rhyme Cut Production REMIX )
05.Another bloo ( Ayur REMIX )
06.Take your position ( DJ MARK REMIX )
07.T-FLOW ( Ex-Caffeine REMIX )
08.Gave a look around ( Tamula from Rhyme Cut Production REMIX )
09.Plugged in ( Elbowdisco [Lark Chillout & Novoiski] REMIX )
10.Seven days in the same clothes ( NAKKID REMIX )
11.Paper doll ( MICHITA REMIX )
12.Approaching to pray ( GEENBEE REMIX )
13.T-FLOW ( DJ T-Bone Steak REMIX )



Sean Wyze-The Sunday LP

01.AM Reflections (by Sean Wyze)
02.Morning Breath (by Sean Wyze)
03.L.A. (by Sean Wyze)
04. 3 Day Weekend (by Sean Wyze)
05.Treat Me Wrong (by Sean Wyze)
06.Ms. Wednesday (by Sean Wyze)
07.Got Me (by Sean Wyze)
08.Rainbow Vision (by Sean Wyze)
09.The Matinee (by Sean Wyze)
10.Mysterious Vibes (by Sean Wyze)
11.Sunday School (by Sean Wyze)
12.Outro (by Sean Wyze)




Dumbfoundead - Fun With Dumb (2009)

01. Intro
02. Night Riders
03. Rapper-O’s
04. Cockblockers
05. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
06. Fun with Zo
07. Favorite Song (ft. VerBS & Open-Mike Eagle)
08. She’s Built
09. Bullets of Truth
10. Let’s Smoke!
11. She Don’t Care
12. One Day (ft. Abstract Rude & Aceyalone)
13. Here Comes Trouble! (ft. D-Styles)
14. Outro
15. She Don’t Care Remix (ft. Intuition & Nocando)
16. Junior College
17. Blue Ball Blues
18. K-Town Story
19. Dumbfoundead vs. Tantrum


13th son- electro soul lovers (2009)

01 Star of a Story
02 Move You
03 Changes
04 The Cure
05 Moments
06 Pathways
07 Forgetting
08 Eclipse
09 Tough Love
10 Soma


Gyasi Omari The Waterkid (ep)

01 The Waterkid
02 Old Shows That, I Miss
03 Away So Long
04 Back Words (Freestyle)
05 How She Dance
06 Gyzz
07 Run Til I'm Done (Featuring Dujon)



Chris Young - Mood Swing Ep


The Free Fallers- Falling For Free (Ep) 2009

01) All Or Nothing
02) Pressure
03) Dont Say A Thing
04) My Song
05) Tomorrow
06) Dead Memories
07) Over Now


mercredi 27 mai 2009

Big East Music Entertainment (chachi) - one life under the sun (ep)

genre: hip hop / jazz / soul

02.Gotta Love It
03.God Made Dirt
04.Thats my boy Feat Swann Notty


Chachi Carvalho - The Green (2008)

1- Intro
2 - Ohhz & Ahhz
3 - No Hesitation
4 - Rock A Show
5 - No Hook
6 - Highway
7 - CV In America
8 - Lost In The Moment
9 - Keep Em Clappin
10 - Years Later
11 - It's Up To ME
12 - Keep Shinin'
13 - Tears
14 - (Bonus Track) Smokin' Ride


P.Way - From All Angles (2000)

01.Give Thanks (Featuring Sam ’sosa’ Lynch)
02.My Definition
03.Pops @ 7am
04.Takin Over
05.Hoop Dreams
06.Copa Mundial
07.Travel.Com (Featuring Big Dro)
08.@ Ease (Featuring Equipto, Agent Striknine)
09.See Inside
10.All in Time (Featuring Equipto, Big Shawn)
11.Livicated (Featuring K. Steile, Rialto Poetica)
12.3 Shades
13.Whatever Happened (Featuring Equipto, TD Camp)
14.Mackmatics (Featuring Spank Pops)
15.Whaley Game (Bored Stiff Live)
16.Mr Whaley’s Class (Featuring Pamela Wilson)
17.Soul Note Session
18.Writer’s Block
19.Lifelines (Featuring DJ Myke 1)
20.The Final Analysis


Swann Notty-Classic Material (2007)

01. INTRO | prod. j.depina
02. MOST HATED | prod. j.depina
03. ON THE MOVE | prod. 9th wonder
04. ITS GONNA HAPPEN | prod. 9th wonder
05. CLASSIC MATERIAL | prod. j.depina
06. THIN LINE | prod. j.depina
07. FOCUSED | prod. 9th wonder
08. EXPLODE | prod. 9th wonder
09. DO WHAT YOU WANNA | prod. j.depina
10. MOST OFFICIAL | prod. 9th wonder
11. OUTRO | prod. j.depina



LA France Track Season the mixtape


aDDLib - The Grace Period Ep

01) Intro Wake Up
02) My Turn
03) Be True
04) This Cant Be Wrong
05) So Real
06) No Thanks
07) Heartfelt Sorrow



LA France-Capuary Beats Financial Ep

1.Freedom Shake prod by Capuary
2. Championship Round prod by Capuary
3.Look Around prod by Capuary
4.Reaching of the Sky prod by Capuary
5.Summer Nights prod by Capuary



DJ Mitsu The Beats - A Word To The Wise (2009)

01. Intro
02. A Word To The Wise feat. Grap Luva
03. Ridin’ Around feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young
04. (UNTITLE) feat. LMNO
05. Play Wit Crime feat. Maspyke
06. Promise In Love feat. Jose James
07. Night in Vienna
08. The Way feat. Colonel Red
09. Hard Candy feat. Mathematik
10. The Game Changer Feat.Wild Child & Georgia Anne Muldrow
11. Free Your Mind feat. Black Spade
12. Tokyo Girl feat. Maspyke
13. (UNTITLE) feat. elzhi (Slum Village)
14. Dim Skyline feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe
15. Impulze feat. Mathematik
16. Re-Estimate
17. Ex Lovers feat. Dynamic Duo
18. Playing Again feat. Ivana Santilli


va-compilation moonjazz vol.14

01.Binkis Recs - life's a game
02.Ron Verbal - Lucky
03.Square One - Culture Freedom ft. Providence
04.Square One - Take Your Time
05.mic banditz -Beautiful Days
06.AduLLessence - For the Love
07.Mind Complex - Love
08.Detonation - Jay Diction Feat. Foci
09.cairo - The Fly Shit prod. by J Listed
10.Last Minutes - Dedicace
11.Last Minutes - X Generation feat Jeser
12.Last Minutes - Free
13.encite - A Sound Supreme w Slick Corea
14.encite - Spotlight f Ron Verbal
15.encite - Incite A War
16.Hueman Prophets - The GUN
17.AduLLessence - For the Love


Gemini Minds - Self Titled

01 Be Yourself
02 Life
03 16 Reasons
04 Direction of The Night
05 The Way It Is
06 Steppin Stone
07 Can We Get Out Of Here
08 Cradle To The Grave
09 Be Okay



mardi 26 mai 2009

SkyBlew, Backdraft Skyblew & Backdraft Presents - The Long Sevennight The EP

01) What A Beautiful Monday Intro To A Long Week
02) Its Just A Ordinary Tuesday
03) Saddest Voicemail I Ever Heard Wednesday Interlude
04) Wednesday Omg That Night
05) This Thursday I Wont Miss A Beat Over You
06) Bout To Go To My DreamWorld Friday Interlude
07) Its Friday So Welcome To My DreamWorld Ft Kdotmill
08) Bout To Do My Thang Its Saturday Night Ft Kdotmill
09) Its Sunday So ima Try To Keep My Head To The Sky G


SkyBlew - SkyBlew Presents We Back The EP

01) ImBackOnMyCloud Prod By Just Wright
02) 2StepsAboveTheStars Remix ft ACee
03) TearsThe HappiestSadSong Prod By DJ Kipe
04) Ima Paint The SkyBlew
05) Hello Tomorrow Prod By Edstaa
06) SlowDanceOnTheStars Prod By MG
07) APlaceWhereTheSunDontShine Ft ACee Lyrikal Ekli
08) TheBeautifulSkyBlewMovement
09) GoodMorningNight Watching The Clouds Prod by Blu
10) ASymphonyForAngels
11) IBelieve Ft Kdotmills Prod By Blu
12) TimeSureDoesFly



Mr. Joeker- The Inside Man (2009)


D1- deuno (ep) 2009

01.Love Love Prod by D1 Deuno
02.So Smooth Prod by D1Deuno
03.Im Shinen Feat Cairo Prod By D1Deuno
04.Do It To Em Prod by JMyth
05.Its Endless Feat Cairo Prod by D1Deuno
06.Gettin That Doe Prod By D1Deuno


SEVEN DAY - 7 Day Weekend (2009)

01 .Intro
02 .My Town
04.All Alone
05.Feel Da Beat Ft. D1
07. Cant Help It
08.Come to Me Ft. D1
09. Walkin By
10.Do What U Do Ft. D1
11. Magic Man Ft. Cairo
12. This is 4 Yall
13. What I'm Saying
15. More


Nation of Elzi - Earth Like Zion Is (EP)




Love Jones ft. only ones crew & 9th wonder

1.Don't Love Me No More
2.Hatin' Again featuring LES & Stik Figa
3.Let it Go featuring LES, Large Marge & Stik Figa
4.Look of Love (RIP J DILLA)
5.Love Potion Number 9th
6.The HangOver
7.The Nuisance featuring Stik Figa
8.The ShakeDown featuring LES
9.Tryin' To Front featuring LES



LoveJones & Phys Edison - Sunday Drive (2009)

01.Sunday Morning(Still Thinkin' About Saturday Night)
02.Sunday Drive
03.New World
05.Phys Edison's Brunch
06.Sit On The Moon
07.The One(My SV Shit)
08.Sunday Drive (Midnight Mix)
09.Had a Dream
10.B.I.G. Dreams
11.The Get Up
12.They Gon Hate
13.Sucka MCs
14.Roll Call(Top City)



lundi 25 mai 2009

Le Klub Des 7 - La Classe De Musique 2009

01 - N'importe quoi !
02 - Le Klub Des 7 - C'est le Klub Des 7
03 - Le Chiffre Impair
04 - Il Vous Reste Une Minute
05 - Pouilleux massacreur
06 - On aura tout vu
07 - Le jeu des 7 différences
08 - Conseil de discipline
09 - Quand Je Serai Grand
10 - Martine
11 - Ana Emoi
12 - En Route
13 - Non Monsieur
14 - C’est Bibus Au Téléphone
15 - Boule De Cristal
16 - Le klub Des 7 - L'appel
17 - L'école est finie
18 - La Cour Des Grands (Bonus Track)


dimanche 24 mai 2009

The Benchwarmers Clique - The After Hours Spot (2009)

2.Ain’t No Love
3.Off The Block
4.Night Time ft. Dontizza
5.Don’t Be Fooled
6.Phone Tap
7.Gimme Raw ft. Reks
8.Life’s Exchange
9.Knock Knock
10.Late Shift
11.Too Much Liquor (Skit)
12.Get That Cash
13.Searching ft. Pistol
14.Feel It In The Air
17.Guess Who’s Back


SOUNDLINIUM -soundlinium (2009)

02.SOUNDLINIUM - WHEN I ( Orc Version)


MrBlue - it all comes around [Single] 2009

genre: hip hop /jazz

01.MrBlue - Theloniously
02.MrBlue - Got Shit
03.MrBlue - Electrik Girl


samedi 23 mai 2009


genre: hip hop / jazz / japan

1. Sound of Joy
2. tokion jazz
3. 路上 (Feat.FUNKYMIC)
4. RHYME WIRE (Feat.タカツキ&hisomi-TNP)
5. Inverse (Feat.TETS)
6. Tokyo Avantgarde (Feat.SD JUNKSTA)
7. Gold Moon (Feat.タカツキ)
8. カーバイト倉庫
9. NOAH (Feat.Spinna B-ILL)
10. 3rd Eye (Mika Arisaka)
11. ビリジアン
12. LAW
13. 2005



Fuzz Jaxx -organix music (2009)

01.Fuzz Jaxx - I Can’t Think prod Calico
02.Fuzz Jaxx - Deep feat Real Love
03.Fuzz Jaxx - Day in the Life
04.Fuzz Jaxx - Just Enough featMac and DJ Noumenon
05.Fuzz Jaxx - I Canât Think prod Calico
06.Fuzz Jaxx - Raw Lyrics Feat Kon
07.Fuzz Jaxx - blunted
08.Fuzz Jaxx - Anyway feat Mac and Median ProdSkeptica
09.Fuzz Jaxx -In The Evening (ft. Mac)
10.Fuzz Jaxx - Malibu (ft.Mac)
11.Fuzz Jaxx -The Things I Love You For (ft.Mac)


Kebee - Poetree Syndrome (2007)

genre: hip hop / jazz / korea

01-Kebee - Take Sea
02-Kebee - One Way (feat. Verbal Jint & Soulman)
03-Kebee - Step Up (feat. Beatbox DG)
04-Kebee - Baekseolgonju (Snow White)
05-Kebee - Feeling You
06-Kebee - Mabu (Stableman) (feat. The Quiett)
07-Kebee - Teum (Break)
08-Kebee - Heavenly Break (feat. Mithra Jin)
09-Kebee - Twisted Words (feat. Zito & E-Sens)
10-Kebee - Deongeorideul (You Piece Of)
11-Kebee - Ilheobeorin Aideurui Sup (Forest Of The Lost Children)
12-Kebee - Beautiful Memory
13-Kebee - Constellation (feat. Ra.D)
14-Kebee - Deongeorideul (Acoustic Version)
15-Kebee - Make Music (Bonus Track)


Kebee - Evolutional Poems (2004)

genre: hip hop / jazz / korea

01-Kebee - Precious Time
02-Kebee - Untitled1
03-Kebee - Respect For
04-Kebee - Untitled2
05-Kebee - One Rainy Day Part 2
06-Kebee - Shepherd Boy
07-Kebee - The Prophet (Interlude)
08-Kebee - Three Letters
09-Kebee - Trace Diary
10-Kebee - Untitled (Soar Saem Mix)
11-Kebee - Watch Me
12-Kebee - Hidden Track


vendredi 22 mai 2009

Breakthough - Breakthrough (2005)

1. Intro
2. XL
3. Green Like The Sun
4. Prismatic Moment
5. A Song
6. Chalk It Up
7. 8 Bit Bug
8. This Way Before
9. Rude One Space Rhymes
10. A Prophetic Dream
11. 2022
12. We Got Music
13. Not Tomorrow But
14. Finger Funk
15. Backpacker
16. Thought Process
17. Womanizer
18. No Game
19. Moonlight Mile
20. Highway 2 U
21 .Outro


Kebee - The Passage (2009)

01.Soulport (prod. by Kebee)
02.Diving (prod. by The Quiett)
03.Wake Up (prod. by Loptimist)
04.사진기(feat. Lady Jane) (prod. by Lady Jane)
05.불면제(feat. 샛별) (prod. by Loptimist)
06.화가, 나(feat. 넋업샨, Loptimist, Jinbo) (prod. by Loptimist)
07.Go Space(feat. Soulman) (prod. by Loptimist)
08.이상한 나라의 엘리트(feat. Tablo) (prod. by Kebee)
09.Goodbye Boy(feat. Minos) (prod. by Kebee)
10.그림자 (prod. by Vida Loca)
11.Where Is The Claps?(feat. 샛별) (prod. by Kebee)
12.인사(feat. Junggigo) (prod. by Kebee)
13.Still Shining(feat. The Quiett, D.C) (prod. by The Quiett)
14.이 별에서 이별까지 (prod. by Kebee)


mardi 19 mai 2009

Infinite P- Whats Going On (movie)

Moka Only-Lowdown Suite 2 The Box (2009)

01. do work
02. hardly say feat. bootie
03. syrup
04. lemon
05. fried rice
06. stained
07. funky feat. psy
08. drip drop feat. kissey asplund
09. boohoo
10. clap yer feet
11. trudgin
12. mothballs
13. isnt over
14. its lowdown
15. bored feat. psy
16. be alright
17. riverside
18. rock the yacht


va-compilation moonjazz vol.13

2.45 - FAGETTABOUTIT feat.Youngs
3.grease-always will be
4.gequence- Don't Matter
5.short bus alumni-working on better
6.donny goines-Grateful
7.Arson ILL - The Little Guy
8.Binkis Recs - goodie 4 me
9.Domination Recordings - Fatman Tropical ft.. Arsun F!st
10.Domination Recordings - The Nope Rain All Day
11.GLAD2MECHA - THE WORLDS ON REPEAT ft. orchestra prod
12.HASTA SIEMPRE - Fly Avec Moi
13.SB Live - Mines is Mines
14.The Good People - Gotta Thing For You
15.THE PUZZLE PEOPLE - Around My Way
16.UNFILTERED - Humans
17.UNFILTERED - Summertime (intro)


Bru Lei - Shroom Crumbs (2009)

2. Bad Reviews
3.Jean Grae
4.Summer Of The Beatdown
5.The Bruce Burnett Show
6.Spit About


the bums - like this (2008)

1 Intro (feat. Koury Thompson)
2 It's Real (feat. Day-one)
3 The Bums in Here
4 Shades of Life (feat. Author Ash)
5 Life's Mission (feat. Law)
6 Shorty Slim
7 True Lies (feat. Law, Dro)
8 Think Twice (feat. Lake)
9 Move (feat. Law)
10 It's Alright (feat. Law)
11 Like I Can (feat. Law)
12 Hey Girl (feat. Traeslik)
13 Biopsy (Bs) (feat. the Beat Bros.)
14 Something Special
15 The Morning After (feat. B. Hill, Phoenix)
16 Keep It Moving
17 The Time Is Here (feat. Rapsody, Micsource, B Hill)



familiars unseen - grown & fresh (2007)

genre: hip hop /soul /jazz

1 Doin Me
2 Real Talk
3 No Competition
4 Knawmean?!
5 Leavin wit'chu
6 Nostalgic
7 Contemplatin
8 Starstruck
9 U Gotsta Get It
10 Fly Girl
11 Phone Check