samedi 7 mars 2015

Crafty Presents - Overtime 2 (2015)


01.Welcome Back (feat. Crafty, Dkay)
02.Everybody Hate (feat. Crafty)
03.Puzzle With A Missing Piece (feat. Hibernation)
04.Look Back (feat. Mike Murderer, Nala)
05.Around The World (feat. Yung Ray, Lifewhyz)
06.Cool (feat. Crafty, Dkay, Freezy)
07.Mr. Nigga (feat. Dane Curley)
08.Keep Watching (feat. GT, Mike Murderer, Resilient)
09.Love Song (Interlude)
10.My Rock (feat. Crafty)
11.That's Life (feat. Pdawg)
12.The Sound Of Blood Dripping (feat. Mike Murderer)
13.Bombs Away (feat. Crafty, Dkay)
14.Half A Chance (feat. Crafty)
15.The City (feat. Mo The General)
16.Wine And Macaroni & Cheese (feat. Crafty, Dkay)
17.A Free Style For Free People (feat. Dane Curley)
18.Get Up Out (feat. Crafty, Dkay)
19.Just A Dream (feat. Crafty)


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