mercredi 7 septembre 2016

Telepathy - New City (Unreleased) (2016)


01.New City Prod. Incise (W/ Cuts By Dj Hazey)
02.Cruisin' Ft Kenji (Prod. Llusion The Reviver)
03.Brazilian Dreams Prod. HDK (W/ Cuts By Dj Hazey)
04.Arise Ft Envision & Baby Bee (Prod. Blessed Beats)
05.Back Porch Epiphany Ft Envision & Baby Bee (Prod. Ronin Jin)
06.Be Free (Nujabes Tribute)
07.Time Ft Baby Bee (Prod. Incise)
08.Genuine (Prod. Marquinch Mogul)
09.Good Health (Prod. XQZ)
10.Jazzology Ft. Baby Bee & Envision (Prod. Incise)
11.Mind Body Soul (Prod. Blessed Beats)
12.Ridin' Dirty (Prod. Marquinch Mogul)
13.So Far Away (Prod. Rikio)
14.Sometimes (Prod. Vanilla)
15.Full Fill (Prod. Esbe)
16.Stop Signs (Prod. Incise)
17.Another Day Ft Kenji, Envision & Baby Bee
18.Your Soul (Prod. Incise)
19.Slow Flow (Prod. K-Murdock)
20.Kickin' It (Prod. Derlee)
21.Im Always With You (Prod. Soul Chief)
22.Lord (Prod. Beatz Boutique)
23.Keep On (Prod. Joseph Jacobs)
24.2015 Ft Envision (Prod. Llusion The Reviver)


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