mardi 25 octobre 2016

DJ Hazey 82 - Threaded Sounds (2016)


01.Slimkid3 - Work Hard [feat. K-Natural] (over BBZ Darney - Breaking Dawg [feat. DJ Grazzhoppa]
02.The Roots - Get Busy (over Pete Rock - Best Believe)
03.Peebs The Prophet - Dead Calm (over Brous One - Keep It Live)
04.Apathy - Don't Touch That Dial [feat. Ras Kass & O.C.] (over ILLusionist - Flowers)
05.Guru & Krumb Snatcha - Ahead of the Game (over Soulbrotha - Flow N Facts)
06.KRBL Rebel Radio - Dust (over BBZ Darney - Shining Aura)
07.The 49ers - Let It Marinate (over Kid Tsunami - Coast Ride)
08.The Pharcyde - Passin Me By (over SoulChef - With You)
09.Common Market - Back Home [The Return] (over Phoniks - Real Hip Hop Remix)
10.Trace Blam - Stay Strong (over Apollo Brown - Anotha One)
11.Tha Soloist - Farmers (over K-Def - Reminiscent of the Golden Era)
12.Slum Village & Granite State - Got Me Goin (over Soulbrotha - Golden Era Isn't Finished)
13.Masta Ace & Wordsworth - Talk To Me (over Kameleon Beats - Changed Hearts)
14.Paranom - Holyday (over Croup - Dirt Naps)
15.Celph Titled - Nothin' To Say [feat. Rise] (over Marco Polo - Wrong One)
16.Bahamadia - Rugged Ruff (over Kno - The Skull)
17.The Benchwarmers Clique - Batteries Included [feat. Epidemic] (over Purpose - Sision Of Excellence)
18.De La Soul - Nosed Up (over Dela - I Say Peace)
19.Praverb the Wyse - Nothing To Gain (over DJ ZID - Know Like I Know)
20.Common - The Sun God (over Illmind - Vibe Out)
21.Camp Lo - Discotec (over SoulChef - Have Your Heaven)
22.Wax - Sentra (over RJD2 - Certified)
23.Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (over BBZ Darney - Sweeping Winds)
24.Cashmere The Pro - Tear Trax [feat. Deacon The Villain] (over Thomas Prime - Seven Dead Samurai)


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