vendredi 6 octobre 2017

The Thought - Food For Thought (Side A) (2017)


01.Purple Cabbage (prod. Imagined Herbal Flows)
02.Reaper's Scythe (prod. Ta-ku)
03.Ijuswannatellusumthin ft. Disco Mechanic, Hai-C & LOWWKI (prod. Evil Needle)
04.Jason (prod. Imagined Herbal Flows)
05.Sober Lights ft. LOWWKI (prod. Methone)
06.N. Hojeibam (prod. Gramatik)
07.This Is How It Should Be Done ft. TANK (prod. Ta-ku)
08.State Of The Union ft. Brick Dick Barry (prod. Glassic)
09.The Count/Hello2U (prod. Mr. Dibia$e)
10.Casper (prod. Bugseed x Zuper x Suff Daddy)
11.Play My Part (prod. Melo-Zed x TEK.LUN)
12.Bullet in a Crackpipe (prod. KennySegal x Dot x Mike Parvazi)
13.Vibe (prod. Mono:Massive x Sirplus)
14.Forestry ft. Shako Speel & Mozenraff (prod. Nerub)
15.Schmeep Schmoop Schmop ft. Mozenraff (prod. KAA.DDU)
16.What Went Wrong? I Still Love U (prod. Flamingosis x dom$olo)
17.Oldest Child (prod. Chris McClenney x aso.)
18.Ain't In The Cards ft. ARAMAK, Shako Speel, 2kmuch & Mozenraff (prod. Sirplus)


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