mercredi 11 février 2015

Precinct Phantom - Stream Of Thoughts (2015)


01.Bon Appetite (Prod. By Vyda)
02.Major Crimes (Prod. By Lenny Smallskins)
03.The Weather Isn't Bad (Prod. By Hipnotic Jazz)
04.Keep Doing It Feat. Weezy Jefferson (Prod. By Lobe)
05.Recognise (Prod. By GrafLab)
06.Circus (Prod. By Vyda)
07.F.T.H.H.C. Feat. Shug Brainless & Grand Noble (Prod. By Jerumatic)
08.Break It Down (Prod. By Lobe)
09.Savoy (Prod. By Lenny Smallskins)
10.Had Enough (Prod. By Pxrks)
11.The Way (Prod. By The Unknown Creator)
12.Pretty Feat. Matthew Watson & Pertrelli (Prod. By Doug Jawers)
13.Flawless Method (Prod. By The Unknown Creator)
14.Slap, Bang Feat. Pimp FU (Prod. By L'exorcist)
15.Strawberry (Prod. By Mugen.)
16.Forbidden Juice Feat. Lord Jakob Rothschild (Prod. By Jodo.)


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