mercredi 11 février 2015

Raashan Ahmad - Collaborations (2015)


01.Gift of Gab - Rise (feat. Raashan Ahmad & Zumbi)
02.Zo aka La chauve-souris - Burnin' (feat. Raashan Ahmad & Phat Kat)
03.DJ Tonk - Dig it (feat. Raashan Ahmad & Ohmega Watts)
04.Destani Wolf - Uprising (Headnodic rmx. feat. Raashan Ahmad)
05.Jukebox Champions - What You Do (feat. Raashan Ahmad & Afrika Baby Bam)
06.Pugs Atomz - Small World (feat. Raashan Ahmad, Karen Be & Ariano prod. C1gart
07.True Vibenation - No More (feat. No More (feat. Raashan Ahmad & Chris Gudu)
08.Sarsha Simone - Oh Boy (produced by Muneshine feat. Raashan Ahmad)
09.Seneca - Raspeckanize feat. Raashan Ahmad & Micah 9)
10.Night Marks Electric Trio - Glorious Tune (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
11.The Mighty Underdogs - Bring Me Back (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
12.The Polish Ambassador - Rise and Release (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
13.Raashan Ahmad - Who's God (feat. The Grouch)


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